On Screen Measuring Tool For Estimating Take Off

Powerful On Screen Measuring, Estimating & Measuring

Our On Screen Measuring estimating tool is a powerful software solution that allows professionals to generate accurate estimates directly from digital blueprints or plans.

On Screen Measuring and Quantities

This tool digitally measures dimensions, calculates quantities, and even assists in the costing process by integrating with databases of material and labor costs.

Export Quantities to Excel

You can export your quantities straight to an excel file for pricing with your rates.

Save Coloured Markup Plans

Save your coloured marked up plans so you know whats been measured.
Easily share your markups with your clients

No More Highlighters

On Screen measuring eliminates the need for manual takeoffs from paper plans, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy.
No more printing and high-lighting paper blueprints.

New Build Estimating and Renovations

The tool is particularly useful for construction and renovation projects, where precise cost estimation is crucial.

Builders & Trade Contractors

It’s a valuable asset for contractors, architects, and other professionals in the building industry, enabling them to provide more accurate and competitive bids.
This ultimately leads to better project management, cost control, and profitability.

On Screen Measuring Trades

You Can do complete take off and estimating of all Building Trades

  • Painting Estimating
  • Timber Take Off
  • Roofing Estimates
  • Plasterboard Measuring
  • Render & Skimcoat Measures
  • Concreting & Reinforcement
  • Electrical Take Off & Markups
  • ETC Including All Building Trades

On Screen Measuring From Google Maps

Not Only can you upload your plans, you can also measure from google maps

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